M'sian Turns Car Seat Cover Into Makeshift Skirt After Denied Entry At Police Station

She said the police officers were in stitches after they allowed her to enter the building.

Cover image via Sin Chew Daily & Facebook

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A Malaysian woman turned her car seat cover into a makeshift skirt to abide by the dress code at a police station after she was denied entry at the building

Sharing her experience in a Bukit Indah community Facebook page, the woman said a police officer told her that she was not allowed to enter the police station as her dress was too short.

"The officer said, 'The dress is not long enough. (A dress reaching) over the knee is not enough. It has to reach beyond the half of the calves. You can't go in. Sorry, this is the standard operating procedure (SOP).'.

"Then I said, 'Okay, give me five minutes.'," she wrote.

The woman said she quickly returned to her car, removed her car seat cover, and then wrapped it around her thighs. She then secured it with a jacket to prevent it from falling.

Image via Facebook

Voilà! Her makeshift skirt was complete.

"I returned (to the police station and told the officer) that I have tried my best.

"The officer gestured to let me go in. All of the officers there laughed so hard until they couldn't speak," she related.

She mentioned that the police station did not have a sarong available for borrowing. Hence, she wondered if her makeshift skirt would win her the 'Most Creative Costume Award'.

She ended the Facebook post by saying she was relieved that she did not have to go home to change.

Speaking to Sin Chew Daily, she said that she was aware about the dress code, but did not know the length of her dress had to be past half her calves.

She said she was at the police station to report a road accident that took place in Taiping, Perak.

Image via Facebook

Over the past few months, the issue of dress codes at public institutions has been making headlines nationwide:

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