Kampar Hospital Addresses Case Where Lady Was Denied Treatment For Wearing Shorts

The medical assistant who allegedly turned away the patient has been reprimanded

Cover image via CodeBlue & SHVETS production/Pexels

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Kampar Hospital has released an official statement pertaining to the incident where a woman was allegedly turned away from receiving treatment because she was wearing a pair of shorts

In a Facebook post by the Perak Health Department on Wednesday, 15 February, Kampar Hospital director Dr Khairul Azha Azam said that the hospital has taken the appropriate measures in rectifying the issue with the patient and improve the service at the hospital to ensure an incident like this does not occur again.

The hospital also denied ever turning away any patient that sought treatment at their facility due to their attire, adding that their staff had brought out an appropriate attire for the patient but she had left the facilities by then.

Kampar Hospital also listed down three steps it will be taking

"Firstly, all patients will be accepted no matter their state, especially during emergencies. Secondly, the medical assistant has been reprimanded and informed that their action was wrong, and warned not to repeat the same mistake in the future. Thirdly, all medical staff are instructed to accept any patient that comes through hospital doors no matter their attire and without any prejudice," read the statement.

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