Did You Lose 'Tens Of Thousands' In Canadian Dollars? This Penang Guy Is Looking For You

The 28-year-old recently found the wad of cash in a kettle at a landfill.

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A 28-year-old Malaysian man has been receiving praise for his honesty after he recently found a kettle filled with Canadian dollars in a pile of rubbish

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On Tuesday, 9 July, Mohamad Fahmi Abdul Aziz discovered the "pot of gold" while scouring for recyclable materials at a landfill in Georgetown, Penang.

Refusing to believe in the old adage "finders keepers", Fahmi told The Star Online that he wants to return the stash of notes to its rightful owner.

Fahmi did not disclose how much the cash amounts to, but mentioned that it was in the "tens of thousands"

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"I will not reveal the amount as I want the owner to reveal how much is in the kettle as proof of knowledge," he said, according to The Star Online.

The 28-year-old, who collects recyclable items on a daily basis, mentioned that he had found the "shiny metal object half-buried in the ground" on Tuesday morning.

To his surprise, when he took a closer look, he found the kettle filled with a stack of CAD100 (RM315) bills

He added that he did not want to make a police report because he would not be certain where the money would end up.

It could have been somebody's savings and it has definitely been disposed by mistake.

Two people have since called him claiming that the cash belongs to them.

However, they could not verify certain information when asked.

Fahmi added that if he is unable to find its owner, he will donate the cash to a charity, as he does not feel that it is right for him to keep it.

Meanwhile, a Canadian High Commission official in KL said no Canadian had reported to have lost a big sum of money, according to Malay Mail.

Fahmi can be contacted at +6017 491 3683.

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