Woman In Cheras Helps Elderly Aunty Change Soiled Pants After She Was Chased Off Bus

"She was trying her level best to reason with them to let her stay on the bus, but they still told her to go out."

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A Malaysian woman shared a recent encounter she had with an elderly woman who was taking a bus

On 9 January, Lucia explained that she was heading home when she smelt something unpleasant and saw watery stool at a bus stop in Cheras.

As she got on the bus, she noticed the drivers chasing an elderly woman out because she had soiled her pants and it was smelling. 

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Although the passenger tried to reason with them to let her stay on the bus, they told her to leave because "they didn't want the smell to disturb the passengers throughout the journey"

Lucia then got off the bus and followed the aunty to help her.

That was when she discovered that the aunty had a left prosthetic leg, poor eye vision, kidney failure, and was actually on her way back from a check-up at Hospital Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (HUKM). 

Lucia also found out that she is single and lives alone, so there wasn't anyone she could contact.

"She was really helpless. I helped her to the MRT OKU toilet, as I went in the toilet, I saw that the tap sink wasn't able to work and the door lock wasn't working," she wrote, adding that it was challenging because there was only one water source that could be used and the door couldn't lock.

The aunty was willing to rinse her pants and wear them again. But feeling sorry for her, Lucia went to the nearest mall to buy her a fresh pair of pants and a face towel.

However, as she ran back to the toilet, the cleaner was disappointed because the toilet was wet and smelly.

"She was telling aunty to quickly come out. I told the cleaner I would help her to clean up. Aunty felt really bad. I reassured her. After I helped aunty change, I told her to wait outside the toilet as I cleared the floor with a floor cleaner. I accompanied aunty to the bus and saw her off till her drop-off point."

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Image via The New Paper/The Straits Times

Lucia ended her post by saying that it is important to be sensitive towards senior citizens when they are in these types of situations

"As a public transport user and a student nurse, I have seen many senior citizens using public transport as a means to travel up and down to hospitals for their check-ups and clinical procedures, as this is the cheapest form of transport for them to travel. This involves a lot of walking and waiting [in different kinds] of weather," she explained.

Lucia urged public transport services, especially RAPIDKL, to improve facilities for senior citizens.

And she added, "To the bus drivers, cleaners, and public transport users, I hope that you would be sensitive to the senior citizens when they are in a difficult situation."

Her post has been shared over 2,000 times on Facebook.

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