Malaysians Successfully Raised RM350K For Family Involved In A Tragic NYE Accident

Ballet teacher Vivienne Ngiu has been left completely paralysed by the accident.

Cover image via SJ Echo & Ivan YM Chong/Facebook

On Sunday, 5 January, Facebook user Ivan Chong made a desperate plea for his friend and his family who was involved in a tragic car accident

"On New Year's Eve, tragedy struck a dear childhood friend of mine, Edward Lee, his wife, Vivienne Ngiu, and their four-year-old son," Chong began his long post.

"They were on the Kuala Lumpur-Seremban Expressway, en route to their first family vacation of the year, when a stray dog suddenly dashed out onto the expressway."

Chong shared that in a knee-jerk reaction, Lee swerved to avoid hitting the dog, lost control of the vehicle, crashed into a divider, and overturned.

Lee suffered a gash on the head and his son Chevaston thankfully escaped the accident unscathed

However, Lee's wife, Ngiu, left the accident with multiple spinal fractures, several broken ribs, a fractured left scapula, and a head concussion.

Ngiu has been in a state of complete paraplegia and has lost complete sensory and motor function of her body from the chest down, Chong revealed.

According to Malay Mail, she was in a critical condition when the ambulance arrived.

Having undergone emergency surgery to stabilise her spine, the family had started to deplete their entire life savings

"On 2 January, Vivienne underwent a seven-hour surgery to realign and stabilise her spine. 12 screws and several rods were put in place," said Chong.

"Unfortunately, Vivienne is not covered by medical insurance and medical costs are rapidly stacking up," he added. He then called for funding assistance because the family estimates that the further medical costs would further snowball.

Having known the couple for almost three decades, Chong shared that he knew his close friend Lee would not have preferred to impose his burden on others, so Chong decided to step in and ask for them instead.

Ngui and Lee with their son, Chevaston.

Image via SJ Echo

Chong further added that the couple own and run a dance academy called Dancer's Dream in SS18, Subang Jaya

Ngiu is the principal and head ballet teacher of the academy while Lee does the administration work.

"Because of Vivienne's spinal injury, their only source of income is now greatly impacted," as Chong continued to explain the need for funding.

Ngiu's expected period of recovery could take up to two years, with aggressive physiotherapy to facilitate her rehabilitation, but even then may forever require a wheelchair.

"This means that she will no longer be able to dance and teach ballet the way she used to," wrote Chong.

"However, through your kind gestures, we can collectively help her at least be a mother again to her one and only child."

Ngui (centre) with her students.

Image via KiddyPass

The heartbreaking post attracted the attention of kind Malaysians, who managed to raise RM350,000 in slightly over 24 hours

Many Malaysians flooded the comment section with their donations and well wishes.

"Deeply humbled by the love and kindness of dear Malaysians and people from other countries near or far have to offer," wrote Chong.

"Edward and his family are extremely grateful and overwhelmed by the generosity of Malaysians who donated financially and also, of those who helped spread the word. His father was in disbelief at the generosity of our Malaysian society and teared up over the phone wondering where and who the money was coming from."

Chong added that this has affirmed his belief that there are many inherently kind and generous Malaysians who are quick to help without expecting anything in return.

We're praying for your recovery!

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