Malaysian Influencer Jasmine Yong's 2-Year-Old Son Accidentally Drowns In Hotel Pool

The mother pleaded with media outlets not to sensationalise or misrepresent the incident.

Cover image via @jasmine.y____ (Instagram)

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Malaysian influencer Jasmine Yong has lost her two-year-old son after an accident during a Mother's Day celebration recently

In an Instagram post published over the weekend, Yong said her son died last Friday, 17 May, after receiving treatment at the hospital for almost a week.

Recounting the incident, Yong, who is married to content creator Lim Kong Wang, said her family of three stayed at a hotel to celebrate Mother's Day on 11 May.

"On Sunday, 12 May, [my son] was on the bed. As usual, he snuggled up next to us and drank milk before falling asleep. We also took a nap.

"When I woke up, I found that he was not next to me," she wrote.

Yong mentioned the door to the ensuite swimming pool was unlocked, and she discovered her son in it

"At that moment, I performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on him, but there was no response.

"The hotel had poor cellular reception, and we couldn't call for an ambulance. [My husband] left the room to look for help, but could not find anyone.

"We carried our son to the hotel lobby and asked the hotel employees to call an ambulance and provide first aid until the paramedics arrived," she recounted.

At the hospital, the boy underwent 30 minutes of emergency resuscitation. He regained his heartbeat, but remained unconscious.

The boy battled for his life for the following six days, but his heart stopped on Friday evening.

Yong, who has 468,000 followers on Instagram, urged members of the media not to sensationalise or misrepresent the incident

"No one wanted this accident to happen.

"What happened is not complicated. Don't believe in any rumours.

"Please allow [my son] to leave peacefully, thank you," she said.

At the time of writing, Yong's post has garnered over 323,000 likes. Many local influencers and netizens extended their condolences for her loss.

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