"Why Is Durian There?" — Asians Shocked To Find King Of Fruits In Disgusting Food Museum

The museum in Sweden showcases foods from around the world that may challenge conventional tastes.

Cover image via Tiqets & @bukhadurov (Instagram)

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A video has recently gone viral on Instagram, showing durians as one of the foods featured at the Disgusting Food Museum in Malmö, Sweden, sparking dissatisfaction among many Asians

In the one-minute video, content creator Karim Bukhadurov visits the museum and learns about foods from different parts of the world that are supposedly considered 'disgusting'.

The foods featured in the exhibition include bull penis from China, fruit bat soup from Guam, guinea pig from Peru, stink bugs from Zimbabwe and South Africa, stinky toe fruit from the Caribbean, and casu martzu from Italy, among others.

The tickets to the museum double as vomit bags.

The museum tickets also function as vomit bags.

Image via @bukhadurov (Instagram)

After learning about the 'disgusting' foods from each country and region, Bukhadurov goes to the tasting bar to sample some of the items

"It smelled like onion, but tasted like mango," he said after trying durian.

He then proceeds to try several bugs that are offered for tasting.

Bukhadurov's video went viral with over 6.7 million views. Many netizens were astonished that some foods from their countries were featured in the museum.

"Why is spam there?" read a top comment.

"Why is Korean Milkis on the bingo card? It's literally just carbonated milk. It's so good! And so many different countries have their own version of it," wrote an Instagram user.

Image via Instagram

Many expressed displeasure that durians were featured in the museum.

"Durian is not disgusting!" said a netizen, while another added, "Durian ain't disgusting. It's an excellent exotic fruit in Asia. And [it's] quite pricey too."

"Putting durian in here is a sin... or maybe I'm too Malaysian to say that," one person said.

"Why is durian on there?" asked a netizen.

Image via Instagram

Established in 2018, the Disgusting Food Museum aims to bridge cultural differences by fostering understanding and appreciation of diverse culinary traditions worldwide

The museum showcases foods from around the world that may challenge conventional tastes.

Durians are listed as the 17th item on its website, with a description stating, "Durians are considered the king of fruits and is known for its strong pungent odour that penetrates even the thorny husk.

"Some consider it pleasantly sweet, while others describe the smell as a mix of rotten onions, and raw sewage. Or foul unwashed socks. Or a bunch of dead cats. Some have described it as rotten fish, dragon's breath, unwashed socks, carrion in custard, or red onions left in a cellar for years and marinated in acetone," it read.

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