Customer Steals RM3,000 Worth Of Durians From Seller On His First Day Of Business

The customer pretended to want to buy the durians, only to leave without paying.

Cover image via Kosmo! & Freepik

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A durian seller in Kluang, Johor has suffered a loss of RM3,000 after all his durians were stolen by a customer, who sped away without paying for the fruits

Image via Kosmo!

According to Kosmo!, at around 4.20pm on 27 May, a man came to Mohd Ghazali Esa's humble stall located along Jalan Kota Tinggi, enquiring about the price of his durians.

Then, the man who appeared to be in his 40s, told Ghazali that he wanted to purchase his entire stock of durians. 

The 45-year-old seller, with the help of his two workers, loaded all the durians into the man's truck.

Then, the customer entered his truck under the pretense of grabbing his wallet, only to swiftly accelerate towards the Mardi roundabout with RM3,000 worth of durians in his car

Ghazali and his two workers were left in shock by the man's actions, and they were unable to determine the direction he fled due to the sheer speed at which he drove away.

"We haven't even made any profit today as it is our first day of running this stall," said Ghazali, who now has to compensate his fruit supplier.

Meanwhile, Kluang district police chief ACP Bahrin Mohd Noh confirmed receiving a report from the victim, and the case is categorised as a theft of the victim's merchandise.

Kluang District police chief ACP Bahrin Mohd Noh.

Image via Utusan Malaysia

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