Malaysian Met Dept Says Whatsapp Messages Of 'Ribut Kuat' Are Not True

The Malaysian Meteorological Department tells the public that there is no storm approaching Malaysia and the rumour circulating on WhatsApp is fake.

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For the past two days, a rumour has been shared widely through WhatsApp about a possible storm hitting Malaysia

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That rumour is fake. The Malaysian Meteorological Department has denied ever issuing a warning and have informed the public not to share false information.

Instead, they urge the public to verify reports by checking the official website or to call them on their hotline

When we checked the Met Dept's very basic website, there IS a posting of a warning. We see how confusing it can be for Malaysians checking up on things. The 'warning' was updated with "TIADA" on 15 October, 12.14pm

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On 14 October, a tornado was spotted in Kedah as it destroyed 10 houses

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Rumour or not, we're aware that floodings and fallen trees have been reported at different locations. The SAYS team wishes the public to take precautions and stay safe this rainy season.

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