Malaysian Sentenced To 1 Year In Prison After Trying To Smuggle 27 Animals Into Singapore

After they were rescued, 18 of the puppies died due to a highly contagious viral disease.

Cover image via Free Malaysia Today & The Straits Times

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Disclaimer: This story contains distressing images of animals in captive. Reader discretion is advised

A 36-year-old Malaysian lorry driver has been sentenced to one year in prison after trying to smuggle 26 puppies and one kitten from Malaysia to Singapore in a single trip in October 2022

According to The Straits Times, Gobysuwaran Paraman Sivan pleaded guilty yesterday, 24 April, to 20 charges under the Animals and Birds Act in Singapore.

The court heard that Gobysuwaran became involved in animal smuggling activities in 2021 after accepting a proposal from a man known only as 'Dido' who asked if he was interested in smuggling animals to Singapore.

The first time, he was paid RM1,000 by Dido and eventually, it became a routine for him every two to three months.

The incident that got Gobysuwaran caught red handed happened on 18 October 2022

He was asked to smuggle the 26 puppies and one kitten for RM250 per animal.

After collecting two blue covered containers and seven nylon bags containing the 27 animals, he headed to the Tuas Checkpoint.

The Singapore daily reported that he was apprehended there by the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA), after one of the puppies escaped from the lorry and Gobysuwaran had to confess his crimes.

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Image from The Straits Times
Image via The Straits Times

Unfortunately, out of the 27 animals, 19 died

On the day Gobysuwaran was caught, it was discovered that one puppy had already died due to insufficient ventilation as it was kept inside a nylon bag.

CNA reported that another 18 puppies died later due to the canine parvovirus, which is a highly contagious viral disease that affects dogs.

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