Malaysians Are Praising This Officer For Using Sign Language To Help A Deaf And Mute Woman

She also received a certificate of appreciation by the Transport Minister for her service.

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An officer of the Road Transport Department (JPJ) is being praised for her service and commitment after a video of her helping a deaf and mute woman went viral

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Nurul Fatihah Shamsudin Shah, a JPJ officer of the Kuala Lumpur branch, was seen helping another officer as a translator when the department received a complaint from a deaf and mute woman.

It is believed that the woman was lodging a complaint about her driving license. Nurul Fatihah was called in to assist after the woman had trouble communicating with the attending officer.

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Turns out, the woman wanted to lodge a complaint against her driving school for not processing her license application until her "L" license had almost expired.

Thanks to Nurul Fatihah's help, the woman was given free driving classes so that she can qualify for a valid driving license.

In an interview with mStar, Nurul Fatihah said that she started learning sign language when she was in secondary school because she had some spare time

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She also wanted to communicate better with a few friends at her hostel at the time.

The JPJ officer has since received praise from many Malaysians after the video went viral

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Some also suggested that JPJ should deploy officers who are fluent in sign language to every branch:ο»Ώ

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Transport Minister Anthony Loke even saluted and presented a certificate of appreciation to Nurul Fatihah for her service

β€œThe Transport Ministry is very proud of Nurul Fatihah and would like to give her a little token of appreciation for her commitment in giving exceptional service to the customers with disabilities at the JPJ Kuala Lumpur office recently," the Transport Minister said.

Watch the full video here:

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