When A Man Just Couldn't Take It That His Friend Has A Bigger Penis Than Him...

'WTF Wednesday': He chopped off his childhood friend's penis with an axe.

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Jealousy and stupidity go hand in hand for men.

No, no, it's not a norm, but often time it has been the case.

As it was for two middle-aged men from the Urals region on Bashkortostan, Russia.

According to reports, the two men, who are said to be childhood friends, decided to see whose penis was bigger after they had been reportedly engaged in a two-day binge drinking session

The "unique" competition, RT reported, may have been sparked by jealousy, after one of the men boasted that he slept with his friend's wife. After which, the two childhood friends pulled out their penises and began a heated discussion over their relative size.

The competition, however, didn't end well for the winner as the man who lost the competition was so enraged by it that he chopped off his friend's penis with an axe.



The man, aged 52, who lost the competition to his friend, aged 47, just couldn't take it that his friend has a bigger penis than him. He then grabbed an axe, knocked his friend out with a hit on the head, and then sliced off his penis.

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Doctors said it was not possible to reattach the severed penis

Meanwhile, the jealous friend has been charged with inflicting a ‘grave injury’ on his friend and could be jailed for eight years if found guilty, it was reported.

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