"This Was Mama's Last Dishes" – Man Cries While Eating Late Mother's Frozen Cooking

The man's heartbreaking video moved many Malaysians, who shared similar stories of their own.

Cover image via @1million.story (TikTok)

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A young man could not hold back his tears as he sat down alone at home and ate his mother's cooking after she passed away

TikTok user Harris shared the heartbreaking moment under his handle @1million.story after he found that his mum had packed many boxes of her cooking in the freezer before she took her last breath.

In the video, he can be seen tearfully eating her dishes on a plate of rice.

"This was mama's last dishes before she was invited to heaven," he wrote in the video.

"I'm even eating the last bits off the leaves as they are the last memories."

Harris said he was still in a state of shock when he made the video as his mother had passed away very suddenly

He said that she passed away at home just after finishing her early morning Dhuha prayers last month, and took her last breath while laying down on his lap.

"Mama left a lot of food in the freezer, as if she knew she was going to go soon," he added.

The son also shared that he was sad, not because he could not accept his mother's death, but because he misses her terribly.

"I'm sorry, mama, I didn't have the chance to ask for your forgiveness at the last moment. It was so sudden when I realised you were gone. Until today, my heart still aches," he wrote.

The man's heart-wrenching video moved many netizens, who shared stories of eating their own late mothers' cooking for the last time

"It's true that our mothers' cooking tastes even better when they have to go. Two weeks before my mum left, she made asam pedas and I think that was her best and last," said a TikTok user.

Image via TikTok

"Same as me, my mum cooked her last dishes before she died suddenly that night. She made tom yam and catfish rendang for my dad," said another heartbroken user.

Image via TikTok

Others confessed that they kept their late parents' cooking as memories in their freezers.

"My mum has passed for 37 days now. The last dish she cooked is still in the freezer. Even though it can't be eaten anymore, I'm just happy seeing the food in the fridge," someone commented.

Image via TikTok

"I kept the last banana chips my mum made for eight years," confessed another.

Image via TikTok

"My mum is still alive and no one can match her cooking. I'll eat a lot even if it's only an omelette," declared another netizen.

Image via TikTok

Watch Harris' heartbreaking TikTok below:


bukan tak redha tapi rindu, masih dalam fasa terkejut mama meninggal tiba2. Al-Fatihah untuk mama yang tercinta...

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