Mother With Terminal Cancer Cooks One Last Meal For Her Son Before She Passes Away

During her third round of chemotherapy treatment, Deng's mother asked her son what he wanted to eat so she could cook it for him.

Cover image via South China Morning Post

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A video of a cancer-stricken mother preparing one final meal for her son recently went viral on Douyin and had millions in tears

The touching act was documented by her son, Deng, who is a Chinese vlogger from Dalian, Northeast China, and the video was uploaded on Douyin last week, 29 October.

Following a video report by Liaoning Radio and Television Station, Deng captured his mother cooking in the kitchen while he filmed her from the back. She can be seen cooking her son a meal while bareheaded and in her pyjamas.

The vlogger, who is in his 20s, told reporters that although his mother was already weak, she powered through in order to deliver her son one last meal cooked by her.

Deng recalled getting emotional when he saw his mother carry out this great act of love for him

After going on three rounds of chemotherapy, the Chinese vlogger was asked by his mother what he wanted to eat. After telling her, Deng accompanied his mother to the market to buy the ingredients needed for the meal.

"She asked me to go to the market with her. We bought kelp, potatoes, and meat. After returning home, she went to the kitchen to cook. While she was cooking in the kitchen, I was sitting in the living room. I couldn't stop crying, seeing the sight of her back," the Chinese native said.

"She was already very feeble, but she still cooked for me. She was gasping for air and took a long rest after cooking."

He said that his mother's cooking was delicious as always. "I ate it all," the vlogger reminisced.

Mama Deng was diagnosed with an undisclosed type of cancer in early February of this year

According to South China Morning Post, Deng described his mother as a strong and independent lady, who refused to let the rest of her family know that she was sick in order not to worry them.

She apparently only allowed Deng to accompany her to chemotherapy treatments and hospital visits.

Following her son's words, he said that although she experienced a lot of pain during her treatments, she never complained and would put on a brave face for her son.

Unfortunately, Deng's mother succumbed to the cancer and passed away in early November, not long after Deng filmed that video of her.

"Perhaps my mother knew that I am a vlogger and this video is the last gift she gave me," he said in his most recent video.

Deng's video went viral, garnering 800,000 likes from Douyin alone. Many netizens expressed their condolences and words of support for Deng's loss.

You can watch the full video of the story below:

A mother's love knows no boundaries, even for strangers:

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