Man Gets Threatened With Lawsuit For Allegedly Pushing Over Boxes At Popular Bookstore

The woman also called him "fat".

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A Singaporean man, who was allegedly discriminated by another customer at Popular bookstore, took to Facebook to share his recent experience

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On 9 March, Jan Rick Camara Mascarina said he was at the bookstore with his friend JJ to look for supplies when a woman in her 40s walked past them on the same aisle.

As she walked by, several boxes from a shelf toppled over.

Thinking that he knocked them over by accident, Mothership reported that Mascarina proceeded to pick them off the floor.

As he was doing so, Mascarina claimed that the woman "shook her head, let out a loud sigh, and with a visible black face, proceeded to pick up the other boxes from the floor"

Confused by her reaction, his friend JJ pointed towards the woman's shoulder bag, which was the "culprit to the fallen boxes".

JJ then asked out loud, "What is her problem?" To which Mascarina replied, "She knock things and I help her, still give me black face."

The woman then allegedly said to Mascarina, "It's because you're fat."

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Stunned by her reply, Mascarina asked if she was serious.

She retorted, "You were blocking the way."

Unwilling to take the blame for it, Mascarina said, "You're a b*tch".

The woman then allegedly criticised the man's vulgarity, age and upbringing, and also threatened to call the police.

Coming to his defense, JJ then said to the woman: "You started it with a personal unnecessary insult."

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Mascarina and the woman continued to hurl insults at each other before she got several Popular staff involved

The staff then reportedly escorted the group outside of the shop, as the woman continued to threaten to call the police and her husband.

Mascarina then said, "Look, you don't have to threaten with calling the police, I will," adding that he proceeded to dial 999 on his phone for the "first time in [his] life".

Shortly after, the woman's husband arrived at the scene. Thinking that he might be able to help mediate, Mascarina explained the situation to him.

However, as he was explaining, the husband allegedly replied: "I will sue you. I will bring you to civil court."

The husband then asked the staff for CCTV footage of the whole incident in the store believed to be used as evidence before he also called the police.

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While waiting for the cops to arrive, the woman apologised to the staff for Mascarina's vulgar words that were said in front of children at the store

She then managed to sneak in a "Anyway it's true what. He is fat!", added Mascarina in the Facebook post.

Mascarina then replied, "If I were a b*tch like you, I'd be taking a video of you and posting this online, to see what people have to say. Let's just wait for the police to come and leave it to them. Please stop talking to me."

The husband reportedly threatened again: "We won't leave it to them. You're going to court!"

When police arrived at the scene, they took statements from both parties

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According to Mothership, the officers then advised Mascarina to stay away from the couple. They also told the couple that if they wanted, they can pursue the case.

You can read the full post below:

“You’re fat.” Those words were the trigger to an interesting Saturday, that ended in police officers instructing me to...

Posted by Jan Rick Camara Mascarina on Saturday, March 9, 2019

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