Man Pretends To Get Robbed So He Doesn't Need To Buy Luxury Car For His Girlfriend

He did not have 700,000 yuan (RM417,000) to buy the car but he had a plan.

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How far would you go to get out of a promise you made to your significant other?

One man in China took things a little extreme when he didn't have enough money to buy his girlfriend a luxurious car.

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Tang took his girlfriend, Yang and her two brothers to a car dealership to pay 700,000 yuan (RM417,000) for an ultra-expensive car that he promised to her on Thursday, 16 August, reported Chengdu Business Daily.

He claimed that he had already placed a down payment of 10,000 yuan (RM6,000) for the car before that.

Once they reached the dealership, Tang told them to wait for him while he went to take out cash for the payment

Instead, he ran to a nearby supermarket and bought a fruit knife for 15 yuan (RM9).

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Realising that he could not afford to pay for the car, Tang decided to slash his arms with the knife to pretend that he was robbed

He hid behind a vehicle outside of the supermarket and began slashing his arms with the fruit knife, Straits Times reported.

Tang then called his girlfriend on the phone and told her that he was robbed of 750,000 yuan (RM447,000) at knifepoint

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But his plan fell apart when she called the police immediately while her brothers rushed Tang to the hospital

Tang confessed to the police that he staged the whole robbery because he had earlier lied to his girlfriend about being wealthy even though he wasn't.

Consequently, the police detained him for 10 days and fined him 500 yuan (RM300).

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