Man Returns RM1,400 To NGO That Helped His Daughter To Become A Doctor

House of Hope said it is their first time in 14 years that a beneficiary came back to return the money donated to them.

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We always hear stories of Good Samaritans or non-governmental organisations (NGOs) helping people in need during trying times

Such stories always warm our hearts and inspire us to give back to the community.

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But how often do we hear a former recipient giving back to the people who helped them?

Here is the story of a man in Penang who recently went viral after returning RM1,400 to an NGO he received help from seven years ago.

Sharing the story on Facebook, non-profit organisation House of Hope said the man paid them a visit on Tuesday morning, 8 September, which took them by surprise.

He is neither a person in need or a donor. The man said the purpose of his visit was to return the financial aid he received in the past.

"Many many many years ago, we helped him with RM1,400 for his daughter's education. Today, he showed up suddenly, asked us if we remembered him, and returned us the RM1,400!" the post read.

"He thanked us for the help and announced with a glowing father's pride that his daughter is now a medical doctor in Kedah, and has taken over the responsibility of caring for them."

At the time of writing, the post has garnered over 3,500 shares and 4,500 likes.

Speaking to SAYS, founder and director of the home Khoo Cheng See said it was her first time seeing a former beneficiary coming back to return the favour

Khoo said people have come back to House of Hope to thank her for helping them, but the man was the first person to ever return the exact money he received.

"It is about seven or eight years ago. I can't remember exactly when because we have helped so many families and students," said Khoo, who founded House of Hope 14 years ago.

"This is the first time the [beneficiary] actually came back to pay us. We never expected that."

Although Khoo could not remember him, she reasoned that the man could remember because he is the recipient. She only remembers helping the man after he mentioned his wife's name.

She said the money will be channelled back to the foundation to help other families.

House of Hope founder Khoo Cheng See.

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Khoo said helping students from a poor background has always been House of Hope's utmost priority because she believes education is the only way for them to break the cycle of poverty

"When their sons or daughters want to go for further education, they will always come to ask me whether I can help in whatever ways (sic), let's say the fees or registration," she related.

"Education is something I normally help because, to me, education is the only way for them to come out of poverty. So (funding students') education is very important to House of Hope."

Khoo said she conducts the necessary due process - such as interviewing the family members or checking their relevant documents - to ensure the families are indeed desperate for financial aid.

"If necessary, sometimes we go to their homes to check on them," she said, adding that mothers are always willing to go through the process because they want to secure a better future for their children.

Khoo said she met the man's daughter when she was younger and checked her results before giving them RM1,400 to fund her education.

She also touched on the need to support students who are bad in studies because their financial situation might be a hindrance for them to succeed in school.

"Some of them are slow learners or their potentials has not been uncovered yet. Sometimes, they don't do well in secondary school, but once they are over the age of 18, they suddenly become great students," she related.

"So chances must be given to students who want to study."

According to her, House of Hope receives funds from members of the public

During the Movement Control Order (MCO), the organisation provided groceries to thousands of families in the Rifle Range community in Penang and beyond.

Image via House of Hope

If you wish to donate to Khoo's foundation, you can visit House of Hope's website here.

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