Woman Angry After MBMB Officers Catch & Take Away Stray Dog She Wanted To Rescue

She was most disappointed when an officer allegedly asked her for RM250 in exchange for leaving the dog alone.

Cover image via @durga.nath_ (Instagram)

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An animal lover in Melaka has made a police report against a few Melaka Historic City Council (MBMB) officers for cruelly capturing a dog she wanted to rescue

On Tuesday morning, 27 April, Shakina Nath shared she was on her way to town when she came across some MBMB officers catching and dragging a stray dog into an orange van in Taman Bukit Cheng.

Shakina said always she felt sorry for the dogs that the MBMB capture as the dogs usually get thrown into a pound to be put down.

As an active member of a local welfare association, Shakina said she, instead, rescues stray dogs off the streets, treats them, and puts them up for adoption to loving families.

"I knew I couldn't do anything about the brown dog at that point, so I continued driving. But that's when I saw a stray white dog further down the road and decided to save it before the officers got to it," she shared.

She parked her car and quickly called the white dog to her side before the MBMB officers arrived

As she was squatting on the ground trying to calm it down, the 22-year-old said one of the officers came over and asked if the dog belonged to her.

"I replied no, but I told him that I always help dogs like these," she said, explaining to the man that she will be bringing the dog home.

However, the officer ignored that and asked her once more if it belonged to her.

When she answered no again, Shakina claimed the officer asked her for money in exchange for leaving the dog alone.

"He asked me for RM250. I asked for a receipt because I wanted to confirm if it was a bribe or an actual official fee, and he told me, 'These things don't need receipts'," she recounted.

When Shakina declined and told him that she was going to bring the dog home, the man then jeered at her and asked her to watch as his team took a net and captured the dog anyway.

Angered, Shakina took out her phone to record the cruel capture of the white dog and was immediately told off by the MBMB officers

"One of the men took a picture of me and my car, so why can't I take a video of them? Because they knew it was wrong, right?" she questioned.

"Animal cruelty and bribery. I told them that I would make this five-second video go viral but an officer challenged me back and said, 'Go ahead, I want to see what you can do'."

After the incident, Shakina said she immediately went to make a police report against the officers for the poor handling of animals as well as for trying to solicit a bribe from her.

She hopes that MBMB and the court will take action against them.

Netizens have come to Shakina's support, condemning the city council officers for ignoring her request to save the dog and for their cruel methods

"They will actually put injection (slow poison) for the dog if no one claims the dog within one week. They also caught my dog this way, but by using the chain," said an Instagram user.

Image via Instagram

Another said, "I hope you're okay. This disgusting nonsense has got to stop. I don't know what they get out of trapping dogs like that but there's always a better and more humane way to do it."

Image via Instagram

Meanwhile, a netizen commented, "Finally! Someone made a police report about how dirty MBMB and [MPHTJ] is. Someone I know wanted to bring out a dog out of [MPHTJ] dog pound, but the head always asked for kopi duit (sic)."

"Have no choice or other way to get the dogs out in Melaka because 'no dogs allowed in terrace housing'."

Image via Instagram

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