Mercedes-Benz Driver Who Avoided Paying Tolls 45 Times Finally Gets Caught

The woman managed to avoid RM275.65 in toll charges before getting caught.

Cover image via @AKLEHtrafik (Twitter)

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Another day, another toll-dodger.

This time, the driver in question was a Mercedes-Benz driver who evaded tolls 45 times before she got caught at the Ampang - Kuala Lumpur Elevated Highway (AKLEH), yesterday, 9 January

According to Prolintas AKLEH's official Twitter, the woman who drives the Mercedes-Benz A-class hatchback had accrued RM275.65 in evaded toll charges.

When she was caught by toll booth personnel, she was ordered to pay the full amount on the spot.

Prolintas has advised the public to refrain from copying the act of toll-evasion as it can inconvenience others.

"This is a lesson to everyone. Do not copy this immoral act. Not only is it considered trespassing, but this act can also put other vehicles in danger," the company said.

Many netizens were dissatisfied with the outcome of the situation and felt that the driver should have been charged twice the amount she avoided in toll charges

Image via Twitter

Others poked fun at the fact that, although the woman was driving an expensive luxury car, she was still unwilling to pay toll fees.

Image via Twitter

In October, a Honda driver also was caught for evading tolls 59 times on the SILK Highway:

These toll-hoppers were caught in the act: