Miss Asia Malaysia 2023 Winner Responds After Accused Of Being A Bully In School

Luwe admitted that she was "rebellious, had a temper, and often came off as rude" when she was younger.

Cover image via @luweexxi (Instagram)

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The newly crowned winner of the ATV Miss Asia Pageant, Luwe Xin Hui, is facing serious criticism after being called a bully by her former schoolmates

Luwe was crowned the winner on Tuesday, 26 September, after triumphing over 14 competitors.

In celebration of her achievement, she took to her Instagram account to share a picture of her coronation.

The beauty pageant winner, however, found herself at the centre of controversy after her post's comments section became inundated with netizens exposing her history as a bully

In a now-deleted comment, one user shared their personal experience of being subjected to bullying by Luwe in the comments section.

"She used to abuse me verbally which led me to suffer from emotional distress. The teacher's indifference toward her actions made her even more aggressive, including actions like pouring water into my backpack and throwing my classmates' water bottles into the trash," the user claimed.

Another user alleged that Luwe exploited her position as the daughter of a gangster to harass others.

"She flaunts the fact that her father is a member of the underworld, and bullied someone else's daughter in middle school. My niece was once surrounded and beaten by her and her friends. If I remember correctly, she was slapped about three times," raged the user.

Following that, a user, likely a common friend, apologised for remaining passive during Luwe's acts of bullying.

"The cowardly me just stood by silently, and afterwards, all I could do was console my friend continuously (even though she was only splashed with water and wasn't physically harmed). To be honest, I feel very guilty because I even persuaded my friend not to escalate the situation since we felt powerless against you," lamented the user.

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Image via @luweexxi (Instagram)

Following the controversy, ATV released an official statement, assuring that proactive steps will be taken to investigate the claims thoroughly

ATV stated that the entire competition was conducted with utmost transparency and integrity. Furthermore, all scores were meticulously reviewed and certified to ensure fairness and accuracy.

In their statement, ATV also further assured that proper investigations will be launched to thoroughly examine the allegations against Luwe.

"We assure to take appropriate actions based on investigation results and adopt effective preventive measures to ensure future competitions are unaffected," read the statement.

Amidst the growing controversy, Luwe has finally addressed the allegations in a video posted on ATV's official Instagram page

In her statement, Luwe admitted and apologised for mocking Huang Kangjia, a fellow classmate, who alleged that Luwe had used derogatory labels against her, referring to her as 'the Egyptian Pharaoh'.

Luwe, however, claimed that she was not the one who originally came up with the derogatory nickname.

Additionally, she refuted the accusations that she had poured water into a schoolmate's backpack and thrown her classmates' water bottles in the trash. She firmly stated that these specific allegations were untrue.

In her statement, Luwe also confessed, "I admit that in my younger days, I was rebellious, had a temper, and often came off as rude. I have taken time to reflect on this, and I recognise that I'm paying the price today."

She clarified that her school did indeed take action against her behaviour, noting that she was expelled for her actions.

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