"Thought I Had A New Friend" – Monkey Steals & Eats Antidepressants From S'porean Girl

It's tough for everyone out here. Even for monkeys.

Cover image via @mummyhotline (Twitter)

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A Singaporean woman recently had an "absurd" encounter with a monkey while sitting at the Singapore Botanic Gardens

The woman, Chloe, said that she was sitting in the garden at 2pm on Thursday, 23 February, after coming back from her psychiatric appointment, reported Mothership.

Chloe added that she had bought a cup of mint ice cream and was sitting on a bench when she noticed a monkey nearby.

Incidentally, she had left a tiny opening in her backpack. While she got up to throw away her ice cream cup, the monkey went over to the bench and dug through her bag.

The monkey stole five strips of Prozac, an antidepressant prescribed to Chloe, and climbed up a tree with its newly discovered treasure

According to Chloe, the monkey then ripped the medicine bag containing her medication and tossed it to the ground, along with four of the five Prozac strips.

With the last strip of Prozac still in its hands, the monkey continued to pop two pills and consumed the antidepressants.

During the ordeal, Chloe said she wanted to call the National Parks Board (NParks) hotline to report the incident, but she decided to wait for the monkey to drop the Prozac strip.

After the monkey finally dropped the strip of medicine, Chloe went to the garden's visitor service booth and reported the unusual encounter, and the staff told her that they had never seen anything like this ever happen before.

Chloe shared her experience on Twitter, and as of writing, her tweet has garnered over 3.2 million views and 12,000 retweets

"Well, the most absurd thing happened today. A monkey grabbed my antidepressants from my bag, climbed up a tree, ate two [pills], and threw them back down to the ground," she wrote, adding pictures of the monkey sitting in front of her.

"And I thought I had a new friend who wanted to chill with me."

She went on to say that she hoped the monkey is okay after consuming her antidepressants.

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