This Monkey Eating Spicy Noodles In Viral TikTok Video Has Better Spice Tolerance Than You

Monkey: The spice never bothered me anyway.

Cover image via @zizry_ (TikTok)

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(Disclaimer: Please do not intentionally give animals or any wildlife creatures spiced foods as it could negatively affect their health.)

Attention! Everyone who can't handle spicy food, you're about to be put to shame by a monkey.

Yes, a monkey just beat you in the game of spice. It's okay, just accept it.

In a viral TikTok video uploaded by @zizry_ on Tuesday, 21 February, the primate was seen tucking into a bowl of spicy instant noodles while sitting on a pipeline.

Enjoying the meal it most likely looted from humans, the monkey was recorded shoveling mouthfuls of the noodles into its mouth, with no sign of the spice affecting it at all.

Bro was literally flexing its spice tolerance on all of us. The instant noodle flavour that the monkey was eating is known for its intolerable spicy level and is often used in 'spicy challenges'.

The video has since garnered 1.5 million views and 144,300 likes, with many netizens in tears after watching the monkey devour the noodles nonchalantly

Some netizens hilariously compared the animal to people whom they know are spice connoisseurs themselves.

Image via TikTok

Others were thoroughly impressed with how well the primate was handling the tongue-tingling noodles.

Image via TikTok

If anyone is wondering how this monkey is able to handle so much spice, here's an interesting fact for you

In the animal kingdom, there are only two mammals that are biologically capable of detecting spice on its tastebuds. 

Humans and tree shrews.

Surprise! Monkeys can't actually detect capsaicin, which is the chemical that gives chilis the spicy sensation we are all so familiar with. 

So, no matter how spicy those noodles were, the monkey wouldn't be able to tell. Well, maybe it'd be a different story once those noodles reached its stomach.

Image via GIPHY

So, to anyone who thinks curry cup noodles or black pepper sauce is spicy, better up your game

You can watch the monkey wolf down the noodles below:

In a separate incident, this woman from China cough so hard from eating spicy food that her ribs shattered:

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