Spicy Food Causes Woman To Cough So Hard That Her Ribs Shattered

The woman claimed that while coughing, she heard a sound in her chest that sounded like something cracking.

Cover image via Redefiners World Languages & South China Morning Post

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A woman allegedly coughed so hard after eating spicy food that her ribs shattered and caused her to have breathing problems

Known only as Huang, the woman claimed that while coughing, she heard a sound in her chest that sounded like something cracking, reported Kosmo.

Despite hearing the crack, she ignored it and went about her business as usual until one day she began experiencing excruciating pain in the area.

Huang's X-Ray results after checking her conditions with the doctor.

Image via South China Morning Post

Soon after, Huang began suffering from breathing issues while speaking, prompting her to consult a doctor to determine whether the coughing was causing serious health complications

The doctor noticed the woman's ribs had been shattered after doing a computed tomography (CT) scan. To help ease her pain, the doctor bandaged her chest tightly and ordered her to rest for at least one month with no physical activities.

Huang was then told by the doctor that her illness was caused by her unhealthy body weight.

Huang's chest was wrapped with a bandage following the incident.

Image via South China Morning Post

According to the doctor, Huang, who is 171cm tall and weighs 57kg, is too "light" for her size

"Your ribs are clearly visible under the skin. There are no muscles to support your bones, so it is very easy for your ribs to break when you cough," said the doctor.

Considering the seriousness of her predicament, Huang took the doctor's advice and immediately decided to change her lifestyle and improve her health.

To avoid another frightening episode of bodily injury from something as simple as coughing, Huang told South China Morning Post that she will work hard to increase muscle mass and upper body weight.

Meanwhile, a Malaysian influencer said she is able to maintain a slim figure because she only eats hot pot once a month:

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