More Than 10 Million Users Worldwide Have Stopped Playing Pokémon GO

There has been a decline in downloads and engagement as well.

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When Pokémon GO was first released in early July, the game erupted in popularity. It surpassed Tinder in a matter of days and revenue skyrocketed to more than RM806 million.

But, it looks like the craze is slowly fizzling away.

Pikachu is sad. :(

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According to data from American-based research firm Axiom Capital Management, Pokémon GO has lost around 15 million daily users worldwide since July

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The game reached peak ‘daily active users’ in mid-July, at nearly 45 million and has seen a drop in these numbers since, Bloomberg reveals. Now, the figures sit at around 30 million.

The chart only goes until 18 August, so the number of daily active users could be even lower now. It's possible that the numbers are even lower now.

Engagement and time spent on the app per day are all well off their peaks and on a downward trend as well

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The peak in engagement on 4 August was due to the release of the game in conjuction with the Rio Games. But that didn't stop engagement to go on a decline.

The major decline of the augmented reality game brings good news to investors of other mobile apps like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

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"Given the rapid rise in usage of the Pokémon Go app since the launch in July, investors have been concerned that this new user experience has been detracting from time spent on other mobile-focused apps," says Senior Analyst of Axiom Capital Management, Victor Anthony.

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