Mother Of Siti Nur Surya's Murder Suspect Is Convinced That Her Daughter Is Innocent

Meanwhile, the victim's family say that they are too traumatised to set foot in their home where the murder took place.

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Following Siti Nur Surya's recent murder, the suspect's mother expressed that she is convinced her daughter is innocent

On Monday, 2 November, Siti Nur Surya's schoolmate was arrested by the police for allegedly murdering the 19-year-old.

The suspect's mother who works as a cleaner told Sinar Harian, "I will keep praying that my daughter is innocent and my motherly instinct says that she is innocent, despite the entire world saying that she's wrong."

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According to the woman, her daughter was the one who asked to be accompanied to the police station

She told the Malay daily, "I still remember that after Subuh prayers on Monday, around 6.30am, my daughter was waiting at the living room. When she saw that I was done praying, she told me that she was going to the police station."

The mother-of-two then explained how she just followed her daughter's request and didn't think much of it. However, after a few minutes of meeting with the police, she was told that her daughter had to be arrested for further investigation.

"I was surprised when they informed me. I kept asking my daughter the whole time I was with her at the police station. I asked her three times if she really did it, but she said she did not and I know she was not lying," the mother added.

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Meanwhile, Siti Nur Surya's family is still trying to cope with her death.

They said that they are traumatised and have yet to set foot in their home where the murder took place.

The victim's father, Ismail Muda, told Harian Metro that after the incident, none of their family members have spent a night at their family home.

They are currently staying at a relative's house in Kampung Beladau Selat. Ismail said, "I can still picture her body covered in blood when she was found in the living room. That has caused me to not be able to return to our house in Telemong after what happened."

Siti Nur Surya's brother told Bernama that since their mother suffers from brain cancer, she often forgets that her daughter had already passed away.

"Before this, she was the one who took care of our mother and she was the closest to her too. When someone else had taken over her tasks, my mother would ask where Surya is. But every time she is reminded that Surya had passed away, she would be sad and just stare into the distance," he explained.

The case is currently being investigated under Section 302 of the Penal Code for murder.

The victim's father, Ismail Muda.

Image via Bernama

Siti Nur Surya was found in her home with stab wounds to her body and a severed wrist:

Police believe that the suspect rode a motorcycle to the victim's house and the two spent time chatting in the living room before a fight broke out:

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