M'sian Disappointed After Courier Service Delivers A Broken RM900 Gaming Monitor To Him

"We paid extra for fragile item and this is the extra you give me?"

Cover image via Tan Xin Hao (Facebook)

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A man from Melaka has expressed utmost disappointment with courier service J&T after he received a damaged parcel with a broken item inside

Facebook user Tan Xin Hao took to his account to share his discontent after seeing that the 27" gaming monitor he bought online was delivered to him battered and broken.

"This is not the first time I have received a broken item because of your delivery. Who is going to pay for our loss?" he vented on Tuesday, 8 June.

"We paid extra for fragile item and this is the extra you give me? You all played football with the parcel or what?"

Tan told SAYS that he immediately reported the incident to J&T but was left unsatisfied with their after-sales service

"There was no response from them and their email didn't let me add any photo for reference. So much for customer feedback, right?" he said.

However, after his Facebook post went viral with over 2,200 shares in a day, the courier company got back to him last night, 9 June.

Their message said: "Noted on your concern. We will inform our relevant team to follow up this case immediately. They will revert back to you as soon as there is an outcome of investigation. Thank you for approaching us."

Tan said the company then called him later in the day and asked him to report the issue to Shopee, the online platform where he bought the monitor from, to ask for a refund before getting back to them again at J&T.

Speaking to SAYS, Tan said the response from J&T was absurd, calling it "pushing things around"

"There are other people commenting and telling me that they have met the same issue and are still waiting for a refund. Some for months now," said the frustrated customer.

"Some even got the answer 'This is not our responsibility' from J&T," he said.

Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook

Despite the unsatisfying service from J&T, Tan said he was thankful that his Shopee seller was willing to give him a replacement unit for free

"But I still have to pay shipping and insurance again," he said, adding that the gaming monitor cost him over RM900.

Tan hopes that his experience will remind other customers to be careful when choosing their courier services or delivery partners for their online shopping.

He also hopes that J&T will seek to improve their customer and delivery services instead of pushing the responsibility on others in the future.

SAYS has reached out to the delivery service for a comment but has yet to receive a reply.

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