"Big Car, Small Brain" — Porsche Owner Slammed For Parking At Petrol Pump To Order Food

Money cannot buy class.

Cover image via @isusemasaviral (Twitter)

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Images of a Malaysian Porsche owner parking his car at a petrol pump as he went to get lunch recently went viral on Twitter

In the photos posted by @isusemasaviral, the luxury car owner can be seen walking into a fast-food restaurant and casually waiting for his order while his Porsche is parked at a petrol pump.

"This is what we call a Jerk. After he was done fueling his car, he locked his vehicle and went in to order food," the Tweet said.

Netizens were not amused by his actions and made it known in their tweets

"Just puncture his tyre since he wants to park there for so long," said a Twitter user.

Another user commented, "I do not want to say much, but why is it always the rich people who seem like they have no common sense?"

"I have always noticed this, and it is just like what people usually say. The ones who drive big or expensive cars typically have smaller brains," said another.

Apparently, this is a common occurrence for one netizen.

In September, a Myvi owner expressed his anger on Facebook after his car was clamped for "no reason":

Another luxury car owner faced backlash for using a phone at a petrol station:

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