Dr Muhaya Apologises After Facing Backlash For Saying Women Should 'Act Dumb'

She posted the apology on her social media accounts yesterday, 10 June.

Cover image via Utusan Malaysia & @profmuhayaofficial (Instagram)

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Following the backlash over the misogynistic remarks she made in a video uploaded earlier this month, Professor Dr Muhaya has offered her apology in a statement yesterday, 10 June

The post was titled 'Explanation For The "Act Dumb" Issue'.

"Assalamualaikum, my children and all those who gave feedback on the clip 'act dumb' that went viral yesterday (9 June)," the eye doctor and motivational speaker wrote.

"For your information, the 56-second clip is an excerpt from Prof Muhaya's 45-minute Facebook Page and Prof Muhaya TV's YouTube page published on 6 February at 6pm entitled 'Between Love And Aims'."

Muhaya —  who often uploads videos giving motivational, religious, and medical advice — explained that the live broadcast was actually to answer questions and comments from Facebook and an individual.

The questions covered in the Facebook broadcast were related to women who are in a dilemma, choosing between pursuing a career, love, and family.

Muhaya wrote that although this is technically an old video, she understands that the clip — which has been edited down to 56 seconds from the original broadcast — has provoked various negative reactions in the community, especially women.

She acknowledged that the clip had led to questions, controversy, and doubts surrounding her intentions.

Image via Twitter

"I would like to take responsibility to apologise for any misunderstandings that have cropped up [...]" she said.

"[And] I want to say a million thanks to those who showed concern, including the media, friends, and family who took the initiative to fact-check (tabayyun) or contact me or my team for the truth."

Muhaya proceeded to thank the media for their patience. She said that she appreciates the good will shown by the media for waiting for a statement of explanation by her.

"Actually for those who who want further clarification, all the answers can be found in Prof Muhaya TV (YouTube) channel titled Love and Ambition," she wrote.

Muhaya — who has made a name for herself in the medical industry — said in the statement that she is also a woman, wife, mother, and grandmother who has a career.

She said that she would always be supportive, pray for all women to succeed for the best, and achieve religious and spiritual happiness.

In the statement, Muhaya also wrote that she would have a sharing session on YouTube to answer questions that were brought up in light of the issue.

The apology post ended with a thank you. It is worth noting that the statement did not directly apologise nor retract her earlier misogynistic remarks.

The statement comes after Muhaya received backlash online earlier this week following a video she uploaded that heard her advising women to "act dumb" in order to find a spouse

The 56-second long viral video went on to garner a negative reaction from netizens, women, and men alike.

It was reported that Muhaya removed the clip titled 'Why Women Are Slow To Get Married?' from her social media last Wednesday, 9 June, due to the backlash.

Netizens took to social media over the week to air their frustrations and give their views regarding the doctor's misogynist remarks. 

In the video, she said men like women who are "gentle, high in oestrogen, expecting, and need help, women who act dumb":

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