Murder Suspect Who Covered Dead Baby In Salt Had To Be Carried To Court By 5 Policemen

Police believe that the man may be involved in deviant teachings.

Cover image via Bernama

A man who is believed to have murdered his eight-month-old son had to be dragged to court by five police officers

Harian Metro reported that on Wednesday, 14 October, the man was taken to Bachok Magistrate Court in order to obtain a remand order.

Image via Bernama

The suspect refused to leave the patrol car and said that he wanted to keep praying

He sat in the car for 10 minutes and recited verses from the Quran, Harian Metro reported. 

According to The Star, after several minutes of being persuaded by several policemen, an officer yanked him out of the vehicle.

Five other officers then picked the man up and carried him to the courtroom for the remand proceedings.

Image via Bernama

Earlier this week, police arrested the man and his wife after finding an infant's dead body hidden under a kitchen table in their home

Kelantan police chief DCP Shafien Mamat told Bernama that looking at the way the baby was murdered, police are not ruling out the possibility of the father being involved in deviant teachings.

The man had previously claimed that he "heard an angel's voice" before committing the offence.

"Until now, the man has not said a word so we can't record his statement," Shafien said.

Police raided the suspect's home and found the victim's mother crying and traumatised. She has since been arrested to assist in investigations:

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