Malaysians Are Defending The New 'Visit Malaysia 2020' Logo Against Claims Of Plagiarism

They claim that the artist stole the design from Shutterstock.

Cover image via Ministry of Tourism Arts and Culture on Facebook/Creative Market (Edited by SAYS)

Yesterday, 22 July, the new 'Visit Malaysia 2020' logo was unveiled to the public

The new logo was designed by 23-year-old Alfred Phua Hong Fook from Melaka.

"The campaign logo, part of the campaign's marketing and promotional efforts, features various recognisable icons of Malaysia such as the hornbill, the bunga raya (hibiscus), the wild fern, and colours of the Malaysian flag," Tourism Malaysia's press release stated.

In a tweet explaining the rationale of the logo, the Ministry of Tourism, Arts, and Culture said Phua was "inspired by Malaysian Batik" in deciding its style.

The logo has since received backlash after netizens pointed out its similarities to vector graphics found across the web

"I take back what I said about the new logo being beautiful. The designer copied the design from Shutterstock. Maybe they changed the design of the hornbill a little. Someone probably helped him redesign this logo," one netizen claimed.

Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter

One netizen even claimed it bore similarities to the 'Visit Kaltim 2009' logo.

Image via Twitter

However, there are netizens who have come out in support of the new logo - with some also dispelling misinformation

"Why so bitter? The creative process is exactly like that. If he bought the vector, then it's legal. That floral element is not the same style at all with the reference. Netizens really know everything, huh? Disgusting," wrote one netizen.

Image via Twitter

Another netizen shared the sentiment, saying, "Design process [is] supposed to work this way. You find a reference for your work and create your own design. What is the problem with netizens. If it's ugly you make noise, if it's beautiful also complain. Absolutely ungrateful."

Image via Twitter

This netizen sought to dispel the misinformation being spread about the logo:

The old 'Visit Malaysia 2020' logo was previously criticised for its "retro" look:

Here are some creative redesigns of the old 'Visit Malaysia 2020' logo: