"That's Not Funny" — Netizens Enraged Over Child Showing Middle Finger To Food Operator

In the video, onlookers can be seen laughing at the child's actions — including the child's apparent guardian.

Cover image via Twitter

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While small children tend to do amusing things more often than not, the question lies as to when do certain actions cross the line

A recent video that originated from TikTok has went viral on Twitter for all the wrong reasons. Sparking outrage and thousands of replies, the video shows a child extending her middle fingers to a food stall vendor

Image via Twitter

As the child behaves inappropriately, the video proceeds to pan to the crowd behind, where spectators can be seen laughing and looking quite amused by her antics.

To add insult to injury, the woman who picks up the child and carries her away (presumably her mother or guardian), is smiling throughout the video as well.

The video has since been deleted from TikTok.

Image via Twitter

While the incident had allegedly happened in Indonesia, the video made its way to the Malaysian Twitter-verse, setting the responses on fire

Netizens were enraged by the child's behaviour, and commented under the post to express their anger and frustration towards the situation.

A large majority of the comments were directed towards the parents of the child, with people condemning the mother, and the crowd, for 'encouraging', and 'normalising' this behaviour.

Image via Twitter

Some Twitter users specifically called out the laughing.

One user stated "When the others laugh, the child will continue to do it. Don't laugh if a child is doing something wrong, if not, they won't learn to understand that they're behaving badly."

Another user went as far as to say that the child is merely a reflection of her parents.

Image via Twitter

"The parents aren't strict, and can laugh at her behaviour, do they think it's funny?" said one responder.

Image via Twitter

Another even stated, "Pity the child, because she's definitely copying something someone else did to her."

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Ultimately, the takeaway lesson to parents was simple: teach children better

Image via Twitter
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Image via Twitter

One Twitter user poured out a descriptive statement, ultimately saying, "I hope they advise [the child] on her actions. Maybe they didn't intend to teach her that, but she just followed what she has seen in the past."

Image via Twitter

Watch the full video of the incident below:

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