Teacher Turns Mosaic Tiled Floor Into 'Whiteboard' To Solve Students' Math Problems

The dedicated teacher chose to write on the mosaic tiles to help his students visualise the problems easier.

Cover image via @ainaabdn7 (TikTok)

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Due to COVID-19, schools had to make the switch to online learning abruptly in order to flatten the curve

Naturally, there were many challenges that came along with this transition, especially for teachers who need to get used to teaching effectively online.

Teachers all over Malaysia have utilised many innovative methods to ensure that their students understand what is being taught, such as using TikTok to teach English, travelling 21km to deliver students' homework, and so many more.

Similarly, another teacher in Sarawak recently went viral on TikTok, when his daughter recorded him writing math equations on the floor

The short video shows a man drawing mathematical graphs on his floor tiles, referring to his phone and a book that was beside him.

@ainaabdn7 posted this video on TikTok on Thursday, 17 June, to share her father's dedication in teaching his students.

The video has since garnered over one million views and 163,000 likes on TikTok.

She said that her father did not want to use a whiteboard because it was more comfortable to write on the floor

"He still wanted to write on the mosaic tiles even though the I offered him the whiteboard," she wrote on TikTok.

She mentioned that it was probably due to the larger floor space so it was easier for the students see and understand. 

"Maybe because they are long calculations so he wants to make it easy for the student to see the calculations clearly including all the curves," she added.

This noble act caught the attention of netizens and many were very impressed with the teacher's hard work

"I respect this kind of teachers a lot, mashaAllah. If all teachers were like this, I wouldn't skip class. Even if class starts at 7.30, I'll willingly join," said a user.

Another netizen commented, "OMG I love his effort. Anyway, I pray for your parents to have good fortune and good health. It's hard to get a great teacher like this, so proud!"

"Aaa I'm so touched watching this... If I'm his student... I'd want to study properly... I wouldn't want to disappoint this teacher," a user commented.

And this netizen summarised everyone's thoughts, "A teacher's spirit will remain the same forever, for the sake of educating our nation's children."

Watch the full TikTok here:


struggle untuk student supaya lebih memahami. goodluck all students. ##xybca ##fyp

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Another proud child shared how much effort his father put into teaching his students online:

Here are some teachers who went the extra mile for their students to learn better:

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