[VIDEO] RapidKL Bus Driver Praised For Helping Motorcyclist Who Was Stranded In A Flood

However, netizens were worried that he would get into trouble for going against standard operating procedure.

Cover image via Twitter @fiezapinky

A RapidKL bus driver recently went viral for rescuing a motorcyclist who was stuck in a flood

On Thursday, 19 December, Twitter user @fiezapinky shared a video along with the caption, "Today was my first time seeing a RapidKL bus driver helping someone whose motorcycle broke down. The motorcycle is inside the bus."

"The incident happened at the toll plaza near Sunway city. The rain was really heavy. You're the best, sir."

The tweet has since garnered 17,700 retweets and 15,500 likes.

In the video, the bus driver is seen helping the man carry his motorcycle into the bus

He asks the man, "Where do you want to go? This bus is heading to Putrajaya."

The man, whose clothes are drenched due to the rain, answers, "I want to go to Saujana Puchong."

The bus driver then tells the man to hold on tight and be careful as he returns to the driver's seat.

He took a detour from the usual bus route and dropped the man off right in front of a workshop

Twitter user @fiezapinky who was on the bus during the whole incident noted, "The bus driver didn't even ask the man for any money. If I'm not mistaken, his name was Sharifudin."

Touched by his act of kindness, netizens showered him with praise

One person wrote, "Where to find someone as nice as this? May Allah bless you, uncle. If I were there, I would have cried from being so touched."

Another netizen tweeted, "If I were on the bus, I would have applauded him and asked other passengers to do the same. May Allah bless him."

"This is great. RapidKL, please give this man an award for helping someone in need," said another user.

However, a few other people who saw the video began wondering whether the bus driver was going to be in trouble for going against standard operating procedure (SOP)

One person wrote, "Personally, I feel that even though this is a good thing, you shouldn't record and spread the video. True, it shows compassion but when it comes to the question of SOP, compassion is out of the subject."

Another person tweeted, "I'm so worried that RapidKL will take action against him. Please don't punish this uncle."

"Please compliment the uncle. Don't punish him even though he went against SOP. What's important is that he helped someone in need. He should be given the recognition as driver of the year. Who's with me?" wrote another netizen.

RapidKL has since responded and assured that the bus driver is not in trouble.

As a matter of fact, they joined in the praise of his kindness.

@AskRapidKL wrote in a series of tweets, "Hi everyone. Thank you for your nice words regarding our bus captain. RapidKL bus captains are trained to always be safe and give the best service to the riders and also the public."

"In this situation where the roads were flooded and put the motorcyclist in danger, our bus captain helped him by letting him bring his motorcycle into the bus. Although this isn't our regular practice, we always support our bus captains is doing good deeds for the public. Isn't this Malaysian culture? Thank you for sharing this awesome story with us!"

Watch the full video here:

It’s always nice to hear about Malaysians doing random acts of kindness:

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