Newlyweds’ Villa Gets Robbed On First Night Of Honeymoon In Bali

The thief climbed over the villa's gate and stole an Apple Watch, makeup products, toiletries, and the villa's JBL Bluetooth speaker.

Cover image via @fatinsealsthedhil (TikTok)

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A Singaporean couple were robbed in Bali on the first night of their honeymoon while staying at a villa in Canggu

The victim, @fatinsealsthedhil, shared a video on her TikTok account and showed the villa where the robbery occurred.

"It happened on our first night staying at the villa. We only realised that the robbery happened the next day when we woke up to shower," she said.

When the couple entered the villa's bathroom on the second day of their stay, they realised that some of their items, including an Apple Watch, makeup products, and toiletries, had gone missing.

After informing the villa staff of the robbery, the hotel's manager and staff immediately checked their closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage, but they were unable to find the exact footage where the perpetrator entered their villa

Dissatisfied, the husband decided to examine the footage himself, and he was able to pinpoint the exact timeframe when the thief entered their villa by climbing over the villa's gate at 5am.

"Besides my Apple Watch and our toiletries, the culprit also stole the villa's JBL Bluetooth speaker. I'm glad they didn't take our wallets, phones, and passports," said the victim.

The hotel manager and staff then assisted the couple and drove them to the police station to file a police report

On the last day of their stay at the villa, the hotel manager informed the couple that the police had arrested the culprit, and their items were all retrieved successfully.

They returned to the station to verify their belongings, and the couple were relieved after seeing all their items again.

Upon meeting the thief, the victim claimed she saw the criminal wearing her makeup and contact lens.

"Unfortunately, the Balinese police told us that the culprit would be let off if we took any of the items back," said the victim.

The couple were then told to return to Bali after the investigation was completed to retrieve their items, which would take approximately three months.

The villa's management also treated the couple to breakfast, waived the total cost of their stay at the villa, and sent them to the airport for free as compensation for the incident

"Despite the incident, we still enjoyed our Bali honeymoon!" said the victim.

Watch the couple's honeymoon nightmare story and the husband's reenactment of the incident here:

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