Thai Airline's Pet-On-Board Package Lets Passengers Bring Their Furbabies On Flights

The special flight is a two-way return flight from Bangkok to Chiang Mai only.

Cover image via Nok Air (Facebook)

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Usually, airlines only allow pets to be transported via cargo

However, Nok Air took things a step further by introducing a special pet-on-board flight from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, as seen in a Facebook post dated 30 August.

The passengers' pets were seen being carried around in a carrier bag provided by the Thai airline. For 12,999 Baht (RM1,590), the two-plus-one package includes two passengers and a pet, according to Inn Lifestyle.

The airline provided a special carrier bag for the passengers' pets before the flight journey

The pets were put in the airline's special carrier bag, complete with mesh panels for ventilation and an opening on top for them to look out of.

The special carriers for pets are among the many requirements for passengers to fly with their furbabies via Nok Air

Some of the requirements to fly with pets include:

  1. For a two-way return flight from Bangkok to Chiang Mai only.
  2. Only cats and dogs of two months or older are allowed.
  3. Pets must wear diapers to avoid mess in flight.
  4. Carriers or containers must be approved by Nok Air prior to flight.
  5. Pets must be healthy, non-aggressive, and odourless.
  6. Pets must have travel insurance.
  7. Pregnant female pets are not allowed.
  8. Pets must have a 'fit-to-fly' medical certificate 15 days before travelling.

As of now, Nok Air has not released more information on whether the flight package will include other animals or if it will be available for other routes

Check out the Facebook post here:

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