[VIDEO] Driver Angered After SG Woman 'Chups' Parking Spot At KL Shopping Mall

The complainant said the woman showed no remorse and was smirking the whole time.

Cover image via Hey XpG (Facebook)

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A woman took to Facebook to vent her anger after her younger sister's parking spot was 'chupped' by a person standing in front of the lot and stolen from them

The Facebook streamer who vented, Hey XpG, wrote that she was frustrated that anyone could be so insensitive.

"This woman dared to get off her car and walk over to this parking lot where my sister was waiting for the car to come out of to take the spot," she wrote.

"Then, when the woman's car came, she blocked my sister's car so that her own car could take the parking spot!"

She added that the woman showed no remorse and was smirking the whole time

The streamer had uploaded two videos of the incident: the first one showing the woman pacing in front of the parking lot, while the other shows her signalling to a car with a Singaporean number plate to enter the parking space right in front of her sister's car.

In the video, which is taken from her sister's car dashcam, her sister can be heard honking at the woman and shouting in frustration that she was waiting for the parking space.

"We waited for so long for this parking space but she took it instead. So stupid. How can people behave like this?!" she is heard shouting.

The post went viral with netizens agreeing that the Singaporean car and woman were indeed wrong and disrespectful

Some pointed out that it is also against the law to block or, as we say locally, 'chup' a parking spot.

The act of blocking a parking spot is an offence under Section 50(3) of the Road Transport Act 1987, which is punishable by a fine of up to RM2,000 or six months in jail.

Hey XpG told SAYS that the incident occurred at KL East Mall and her sister has reported the incident to the authorities and is waiting for them to take action.

She has since taken down the Facebook post from her streamer account.

You can watch the viral video here:

Offenders who 'chup' a parking spot by standing on them or by placing an object can be slapped with a fine or face imprisonment:

Despite so, many Malaysians still think it is okay to do so:

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