People Defend Permatang Pauh MP After Residents Only Thank Nurul Izzah For Help

"Where is that Ustaz?" asked one commentator.

Cover image via New Straits Times & @tinisaad0505 (TikTok)

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Residents in several areas across three districts in Penang recently faced a 48-hour water supply disruptions due to maintenance work at the Sungai Dua water treatment plant (LRA), which began last Friday, 2 December

Following the water outage, Permatang Pauh's former member of parliament (MP) Nurul Izzah Anwar documented her efforts in helping distribute clean water to residents of Taman Pauh Indah via her Instagram Story, reported Oh My Media.

It was also understood that Nurul Izzah worked with the Permatang Pauh's Fire and Rescue Department to assist the locals.

Residents of Taman Pauh Indah took to social media to thank Nurul Izzah, but they also wondered where the current Permatang Pauh MP, Muhammad Fawwaz Muhammad Jan, was during the water disruption

TikTok user, @tinisaad0505, uploaded a 9-second clip in which Nurul Izzah can be seen helping the residents of the area who lined up next to a firetruck with buckets to collect water.

"But where is the current Permatang Pauh MP? Where did you go?" the user asked.


Thank you. Puan Nurul Izzah Anwar .Arrange water supply at Taman Pauh Indah. Hang pi mana..... hang pi mana..... HANG PI MANA Wakil rakyat Matang Pauh. #permatangpauh #ahliparlimen #hangpimanatu #pulaupinang #nurulizzahanwar

Hang Pi Mana - Khalifah

People praised Nurul Izzah for her efforts in assisting the residents of the area

"Good job Yang Berhormat (YB), pity us Permatang Pauh residents," said one user.

Others praised and thanked Nurul Izzah for her outstanding work.

"Next time vote for Nurul Izzah," said another.

Another user said he regretted voting for Perikatan Nasional (PN) in the 15th General Election (GE15).

Meanwhile, one netizen questioned the whereabouts of Fawwaz and asked, "Where is that ustaz?"

While some questioned his whereabouts, Fawwaz posted on his Facebook account earlier today, 5 December, that he was assisting residents of Kampung Petani, which falls in his constituency

Fawwaz assisted residents in the area after a clogged pipe was discovered, causing floods.

"Thank God, there were no more victims to evacuate as of yesterday," he said.

"I recommend that, during these shaky weather conditions, residents in lower areas, in particular, be prepared for any possibility of flooding."

Fawwaz was also praised for helping people of Kampung Petani

"Good job Ustaz. Keep on fighting for the people and for religion," said one user.

Another congratulated Fawwaz for his hard work and said that he did a good job as a new MP.

"It's weird to me that some portals are questioning Ustaz's whereabouts when Nurul Izzah was seen distributing water. Did they not check your Facebook?" asked another.

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