PDRM Will Not Probe Datuk And Datuk Seri Who Brawled Over A Parked Chopper

The incident happened because the Datuk thought the Datuk Seri was trying to flaunt his helicopter.

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The Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) has no plans to investigate a Datuk and Datuk Seri for a brawl, which started over a helicopter parked in the latter's front porch

According to Free Malaysia Today, Serdang district police chief Razali Abu Samah said the scuffle happened because the two had a misunderstanding and that they are friends who were drinking that night.

"I went to his house (the man with the helicopter) this morning and everything is alright," Razali told the news portal yesterday, 28 January.

It is learnt that incident took place in a plush residential area in Bandar Kinrara, Puchong on Wednesday night, 27 January.

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The police came to learn about the incident after a video capturing the duo fighting went viral on Wednesday

In the 39-second long video, the Datuk — clad in a white T-shirt — can be seen approaching the Datuk Seri, who was standing in his front porch in front of his helicopter.

"Hello, Datuk Seri. What is there to l---i (arrogant in Hokkien)?" said the seemingly irate Datuk.

"People park cars and motorcycles. You park a helicopter. Don't be too l---i."

In response, the Datuk Seri shoved the Datuk out of his front porch while asking whether he is not allowed to park a helicopter in his house.

"What do you want to do now? You are just a Datuk. I am a Datuk Seri. Why do I need to care about you?" the Datuk Seri retorted.

A fight quickly ensues where the duo can be seen pushing each other while throwing profanities.

The video ends after a man in a black T-shirt comes from the direction of the Datuk Seri's house and separates the duo, asking them to calm down.

The Datuk Seri, who has been identified as businessman Datuk Seri Paul Lim, said he brought the Robinson R22 two-seater light helicopter home because he wanted to shoot an advertisement

"I had brought the aircraft by road on a tow truck on Tuesday (26 January) and parked it inside the compound of my house as I wanted to use it to shoot an advertisement. It is not like I flew it into my house nor was it obstructing anyone's house," he told theSundaily.

"I was celebrating my birthday and later my relatives wanted to take photos and my neighbour suddenly got upset. He has since apologised to me for his outburst and the matter has been put to rest."

Lim said he runs companies that provide tow truck and aircraft-for-hire services. His businesses also involve extreme sports, such as paragliding and skydiving.

According to him, the Serdang police had come over to his house and did not find him committing any offence for parking a helicopter at home.

Lim said he intends to transport the helicopter back to his hangar at Subang Airport today, 29 January.

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Meanwhile, in a video statement, Lim said the Datuk had — along with his wife and children — come over to his house to apologise the next morning after the incident.

Lim said that the Datuk was drunk prior to the brawl.

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