Perlis Mufti Says There Are Worse Things Than Pokémon GO To Worry About

The game has been subject to incessant discussions of whether or not it's haram for Muslims since it was launched in Malaysia on 6 August.

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The Kedah Fatwa Council declared it haram. Meanwhile, the Federal Territories mufti urged Muslims to avoid it. Yep, we're talking about the game that's sweeping the nation right now - Pokémon GO.

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Well, Perlis mufti Dr. Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin doesn't get why so much weight is put on discussing whether or not Pokémon GO is haram or not when there are more serious and problematic issues to talk about

"I would like to emphasise that whatever act that dumbs down or harms one's life or others' is prohibited in the noble and dignified religion of Islam. Whatever act that invites stupidity and harm should be forbidden," Dr. Asri, who is commonly known as Dr. Maza, wrote on his Facebook page.

He added, "However, in this country, it's not just Pokémon GO that courts stupidity and danger, but there are many other issues that are a lot more problematic towards ourselves, others, the country, and its people."

In fact, according to Asri, some of those issues - such as smoking and corruption - could potentially "destroy the future generations and the nation" and is beyond anyone's individual control, unlike Pokémon GO

"The stupidity and harm brought by Pokémon GO can perhaps be controlled, but other harmful and stupefying matters are more difficult to curtail," he said.

"I find it strange that someone who smokes in public can speak of the dangers of Pokémon GO, whereas smoking has been ruining lives for a long time," he added.

"It's the same thing when someone who misuses public property is incessantly talking about the game while ignoring the game of misappropriation and bad governance that is destroying the country."

He did, however, stress that one shouldn't be playing the game if it endangers themselves and every one else

"Don't be so engrossed in the game that we forget everything else around us, and don't be too engrossed in discussing whether or not Pokemon Go is permissible that we forget the graver dangers around us and existing matters which further dumb us down," he wrote.

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