Heavy Storm Wrecks Ramadan Bazaar Stalls & Causes Almost RM1 Million In Damages

Reports state that there were 60 affected premises and almost 100 victims.

Cover image via @jnmalaysia (Twitter) & @PerlisAktif (Twitter)

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Multiple Ramadan bazaar spots and housing areas were damaged following a heavy storm that hit Perlis on Wednesday, 29 March

At around 5pm, heavy rain and strong winds struck the state, uprooting trees and blowing over canopies from Ramadan bazaar stalls.

Among the areas that took the most damage was the Festival Mega Raya Aidilfitri in Kangar Jaya.

Videos of the damage caused by the storm, as well as the heavy traffic caused by uprooted trees have since circulated on social media, with netizens giving well wishes and praying for each other's safety. PerlisAktif compiled photos and videos of the incident, showing bazaar areas completely ruined and left in disarray.

Harian Metro reported that there were 60 affected premises, with over 100 victims. The police have received almost 300 reports of lost and damaged property following the storm.

According to Buletin TV3, no accidents or deaths have been reported so far.

The damages from the storm are reportedly almost one million ringgit in total

According to a statement made by the State Secretary of Perlis, the cost of the damages incurred came to about RM973,680.

Perlis Social Welfare Department (JKM) and Perlis Islamic Religious and Malay Customs Council (MAIPs) have been actively investigating and conducting visits to affected families and bazaar vendors following the reports received from the authorities.

A meeting was held by the state government on 30 March to discuss actions taken in the aftermath of the storm. JKM and MAIPs have agreed to provide recovery aid to victims under certain guidelines.

YB Datuk Seri Hj. Hasnol Zam Zam, Perlis State Secretary, chairing the disaster management team meeting held on 30 March.

Image via Kerajaan Negeri Perlis

The state government also urges vendors and sellers who were affected by the storm to report to the Kangar City Council (MPK) to apply for assistance from the departments and agencies involved.

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