[VIDEO] Man Praised For Fighting Against Strong Tide To Help Flood Victims In Johor

He was submerged from the waist down but still fought to deliver the food.

Cover image via @zurainiswarno (TikTok)

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A video of a Malaysian man risking his life to help victims stranded in a high school due to the floodwaters in Johor recently went viral on TikTok

In the 26-second clip, the man, known locally as Abang Saleh, can be seen walking along a tightrope to deliver food to flood victims SMK Chaah.

He was seen carrying the food stored inside a few plastic bags and attempting to walk towards the victims while fighting the strong tide.

The man was also submerged in water from the waist down, making it difficult for him to deliver the food.

However, according to the video, even Abang Saleh could not fight the strong tide, and he returned back with the food.

Nevertheless, netizens were touched by Abang Saleh's actions and thanked the man in the comment section

One user commented that Abang Saleh deserves to be given a medal for his kind deed.

Image via TikTok

"He's fighting for his life to deliver food to the needy. God will give him His blessings," wrote another user.

Image via TikTok

"Only God can repay all your kind deeds Abang Salleh," said another.

Image via TikTok

Watch the full video here:

@zurainiswarno Unsung Hero Abg Salleh . Sampai muka pun tak berdaya nak bertahan kat arus tu utk bg bantuan makanan org2 kat PPS . Dari air parat betis sampai dah paras pinggang . Arus kuat sangat Allaahhuuu #Chaahbanjir #KgJawaBaruChaah #banjir2023 #johordarultakzim Instrumen Sedih - Yuda pratama

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