The Petronas Twin Towers Were Allegedly Airbrushed Away In This BN Poster

The poster was tailored for Transformasi Nasional 2050, which is one of the points in Barisan Nasional's manifesto.

Cover image via Najib Razak

On 7 April, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak presented Barisan Nasional's manifesto at Axiata Arena following the dissolution of Parliament on the same day

Image via Najib Razak

Subsequently, the manifesto was uploaded onto Najib's website, divided into 14 points. 

One point in particular, stood out from the rest for some netizens

Image via Najib Razak

In this poster, some netizens realised that the iconic Petronas Twin Towers were airbrushed away, but its reflection could still be seen in the lake. 

Image via Najib Razak

Some netizens took it to Twitter to express their disappointment in the poster

Local non-profit organisation Lawyers for Liberty wrote in a tweet that airbrushing away Petronas Twin Towers in the poster just because it was built in the era of former Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad was "childish and petty".

One netizen also wrote that this move showed how much Mahathir "haunts" Najib and the ruling coalition. 

Another netizen mocked the poster for "moving" the Petronas Twin Towers to the Upside Down, a 2012 movie that portrayed a twin world that sits just above the existing one.

However, others defended the poster, calling for netizens to interpret the poster better

One netizen wrote that Petronas Twin Towers were airbrushed away because it showed that Barisan Nasional could bring success without the iconic towers.

Image via Twitter

Another netizen also praised the team behind BN’s manifesto for doing a good job because criticisms are aimed at the aesthetics of the poster instead of its contents.

Image via Twitter

One netizen also said the team behind the poster was smart for intentionally putting a flaw in the poster in order to get the public’s attention.

Image via Twitter

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