[PHOTOS] 100 Starved, Sick And Abused Animals Found In Puppy Mill In Subang

Yet again another story of animal abuse in Malaysia has come to light, but this time on a larger scale, involving about 100 animals.

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On Sunday morning of 14 December 2014, a raid took place in a single storey bungalow in Subang. What was uncovered was absolutely heartbreaking.

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Yesterday, members of Malaysia Independent Animal Rescue and the police swept into the compound which is believed to be an illegal animal breeding facility, in what has been described as the “biggest and worst case of animal abuse” in the country.

Nearly 100 malnourished and mistreated animals were discovered in the compound, either locked up in tiny cages or restrained. Watch this video:

Almost a hundred animals were rescued from a bungalow here, cramped into cages not much bigger than themselves in an unkempt yard reeking of a strong stench and littered with various automobile parts.

Aside from mainly dogs, other animals were also found in the site like cats, chickens, geese, birds and a monkey

There were around 80 dogs at the compound, some in cages and others restrained, along with three cats, two geese, one monkey, and several birds and chickens.

The conditions that the animals were living in were horrible as the place stunk of faeces and was cluttered with auto parts

Image via The Star Online
Image via The Star Online

Journalists covering the early morning raid reported an overpowering smell of faeces. Among the dogs rescued were breeds such as Shih Tzus, Poodles, Pomeranian, Bull Dogs, Pit Bulls and Bull Terriers.

Due to the poor state that the animals were kept in, many of them were sick or badly wounded and were in need of urgent medical attention

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“Some have open wounds while others can’t walk. Some are blind. Many are also severely malnourished, with several not having food or clean water. They need urgent treatment,” she said.

The culprits behind this cruel animal breeding operation are a couple, a 52-year-old mechanic and his wife. Both have agreed to surrender the animals.

Puspa believes that the bungalow owner – a 52-year-old mechanic and his wife – also had in their possession some protected species that might require documentation from wildlife authorities.

Both the owner and his wife had been cooperative so far, surrendering the animals into the group’s care.

This major rescue would not have been possible if it were not for Puspa Rani, president of Malaysia Independent Animal Rescue (MIAR)

The mastermind behind this massive rescue. Our one and only MIAR President madam Puspa Rani. Anything is possible for her. All she needs is our love and support.

After getting a tip-off from the public, she had to act swiftly despite having very limited resources and manpower

Puspa Rani had only 24 hrs to act following a tip off from public. With limited manpower (3 staff) and resources, she manage to plan and execute this massive rescue.

The animal rescue non-governmental organisation (NGO) was escorted by police officers during the early Sunday morning raid on the house suspected to be an illegal animal breeding ground.

Puspa Rani described it as one of the worst cases of animal abuse in Malaysia and she's never seen anything like it before

"It's like a dead house for dogs. The dogs are just waiting to die. They are so scared and hungry.”

“This is the biggest and worst case I have dealt with because there are so many animals involved,” said president of the animal rights group Puspa Rani.

“I have seen illegal breeders with around 20 dogs or so. But I’ve never heard of one of this scale,” she said, adding that she was “shocked” and “devastated” to see so many animals in poor condition.

The animals that were rescued have been sent to the vet, finally getting the care that they need and they seem happier as well

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Malaysia Independent Animal Rescue president Puspa Rani said the 31 dogs were being sent to the veterinarian in batches of five.

“They will undergo a blood test, distemper test, be checked for heartworms and a general checkup for any other problems,” she said, adding that the dogs were “so skinny”.

Puspa is particularly worried about one of the “extremely malnourished” poodles.

“She must be close to nine years old. Her fur has fallen off and she does not even resemble a poodle anymore,” she said.

“We let them out to run when we arrived at the shelter on Sunday; it looked like it was the first time that they felt grass.

However, due to limited cages and space in her shelter, Puspa did not manage to rescue all of the animals found but will be back for them soon

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“I can’t stop thinking about the animals that I have not rescued. I will go back for them as soon as I can,” she said, adding that she needed more space and cages to keep the canines.

Puspa said the rescued dogs seemed happier at her shelter.

This animal abuse case will now be handled by the authorities and adoption will not be ready for quite a while

She said the Wildlife and National Parks Department would investigate the case soon.

“All the dogs are part of an official case, so they will not be up for adoption for some time.”

MIAR now have their hands full with this case and are seeking for volunteers to help out. They could use some helping hands for the upcoming 'Shower and Grooming Day'.

Shower and Grooming Day

When: 9am, Saturday, 20th December 2014

Where: Near Metro Point Kajang

Contact: 019 5289093/ 012 3992021

A note from MIAR: Please do not call us and ask for adoption as this is a police case and we need medical reports on their current condition. They need time to recover and we need volunteers to help out. We now have our hands full with this case. Please cooperate with us and help us help them.

Sadly, animal abuse is not at all uncommon or unheard of in Malaysia:

You can also help to save a life by adopting your pets instead of buying them:

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