Phuket Opens To Vaccinated Travellers From 63 Countries And 3 Territories Starting 1 July

No 14-day quarantine needed to stay on the island.

Cover image via South China Morning Post

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Starting 1 July, Phuket will open its borders to tourists from certain countries who have been vaccinated at least 14 days prior to arriving on the island

The programme, known as 'Phuket sandbox', is Thailand's attempt at trying to save the tourism industry, which saw a loss of around 1.45 million tourism jobs during this pandemic, according to The Star.

Reports state that around 70% of the island's population has had at least one vaccine dose, while all front-line workers including those at hotels and restaurants are fully vaccinated.

Incoming visitors will not need to quarantine for 14 days, except if they want to travel to other parts of Thailand.

Under the programme, travellers who are allowed to enter will need to be from low- to medium-risk places

The Nation reported that the list includes 63 countries and three territories:

1. Albania
2. Andora
3. Antigua and Barbuda
4. Australia
5. Austria
6. Azerbaijan
7. Bahrain
8. Barbados
9. Belgium
10. Bhutan
11. Brunei
12. Bulgaria
13. Cambodia
14. Canada
15. Chile
16. China
17. Croatia
18. Cyprus
19. Czech Republic
20. Denmark
21. Dominica
22. Estonia
23. Finland
24. France
25. Germany
26. Greece
27. Hungary
28. Iceland
29. Ireland
30. Israel
31. Italy
32. Kuwait
33. Laos
34. Latvia
35. Lithuania
36. Luxembourg
37. Malta
38. Mauritius
39. Monaco
40. Morocco
41. Myanmar
42. The Netherlands
43. New Zealand
44. Norway
45. Poland
46. Portugal
47. Qatar
48. Romania
49. Russia
50. San Marino
51. Serbia
52. Singapore
53. Slovakia
54. Slovenia
55. South Korea
56. Spain
57. Sweden
58. Switzerland
59. Turkey
60. United Arab Emirates
61. United Kingdom
62. United States
63. Vietnam

1. Hong Kong
2. Macau
3. Taiwan

However, there are certain terms and conditions tourists will need to comply with if they want to visit Phuket

According to the Thai Embassy, travellers would need to:
- Apply for a certificate of entry
- Have a vaccine certificate or proof of vaccination prior to their departure
- Wear face masks in public
- Have COVID-19 travel insurance that covers a minimum of USD100,000 (RM415,000)
- Take three COVID-19 tests at their own expense while in Phuket
- Download a mobile phone app for contact tracing purposes

In addition, tourists can only travel via direct flights to Phuket and stay at approved hotels. They are also free to roam the island once the first test is negative.

Remember to limit your movement and keep practising physical distancing. Watch Muhyiddin's full address here:

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