PM: No Pay Raise For Civil Servants Who Are "Lembap Dan Malas"

The government is expected to increase civil servants' monthly salary by 13% to 15% by 1 December.

Cover image via New Straits Times & Bernama via FMT

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Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim said civil servants who are "slow and lazy" will not receive pay raises this year

Anwar made the announcement during the closing ceremony of the Madani Rakyat 2024 programme in Penang yesterday, 5 May, reported the New Straits Times.

He mentioned that 95% of civil servants may receive the pay raise automatically, but the remaining 5% who have performance issues will not benefit from the salary increase.

"It is unfair that people who work hard get a salary increase while those who are malas dan lembap (lazy and slow) also enjoy the same benefit. We will consider this," said the prime minister.

On Labour Day, 1 May, Anwar announced that civil servants will receive a pay raise of 13% to 15% by 1 December

The salary adjustment is one of the most substantial in Malaysia's history, with the last revision happening 12 years ago.

Anwar, who also serves as the finance minister, stated that the projected salary adjustment, estimated to cost over RM10 billion from next year onward, is manageable with disciplined financial oversight.

"Despite our nation's RM1.5 trillion debt and a 5.6% deficit, which is expected to reduce to 5% this year, and Insya-Allah, further next year, how can we proceed with this salary increase? It's because we can exercise control over the nation's financial management.

"I believe there is blessing and benefit if we remain strict and rigid when it comes to this. While many are grateful, critics argue that a [13% to 15%] pay raise isn't the highest, considering there was previously a 35% increase," Bernama quoted him as saying last Saturday, 4 May.

Anwar emphasised that the government is dedicated to implementing civil service reforms aimed at ensuring every civil servant's monthly salary exceeds RM2,000, with a focus on promoting efficiency.

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