"F**k Politics" - Police Investigate Vulgar Banners Criticising The Government In Ipoh

Photos of the banners recently went viral on social media.

Cover image via Twitter

Following the spike in local COVID-19 cases after the Sabah state elections, several vulgar banners criticising the government were sighted in different parts of Ipoh

Photos of the banners featuring the phrase "F**k politik 317 kes" (Fuck politics 317 cases) and "Rakyat jaga rakyat, menteri jaga poket" (The people take care of the people, ministers take care of their pockets) went viral on social media.

The banners were sighted yesterday, 4 October, and one was put up at the pedestrian bridge at Jalan Raja Ashman Shah, near the Raja Permaisuri Bainun Hospital.

Meanwhile, the other banner was located at the food court of Stadium Perak at Jalan Stadium.

Image via Twitter

Police have opened enquiry papers (KEP) for a preliminary investigation into the banners

New Straits Times reported that police received a tip-off on the presence of the banner outside of the hospital yesterday.

Ipoh district police chief ACP A Asmadi Abdul Aziz said, "Policemen went to the scene, but the banner had been removed. However, they managed to find the banner in a dustbin behind the bus station near the pedestrian bridge."

Meanwhile, when police arrived at the food court of Stadium Perak to find the other banner, they discovered that it had also been removed.

"They conducted checks near the area but couldn't find it," he added.

Image via Twitter

Police personnel have taken the banner to the police station for further investigation

Malay Mail reported that both locations do not have closed-circuit television (CCTV) and witnesses have yet to come forward to assist in the investigation.

One of the banners was referring to the recent 317 COVID-19 cases recorded in one day:

Several politicians have addressed the current spike in cases:

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