Restaurant Apologises To Customer Over Roti Bakar With Fully Intact Cockroach Stuck To It

Some netizens praised the restaurant for taking responsibility and prompt actions to address the issue.

Cover image via Qhouse Malaysia (Facebook)

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A popular kopitiam chain has apologised after a customer complained that he found a fully intact cockroach in his toast

In a statement on Monday, 28 August, Qhouse Malaysia, a Hong Kong-style coffee shop with nine outlets in Johor and the Klang Valley, apologised to the customer for his bad experience at its recently opened outlet in Puchong, Selangor.

The apology comes less than a day after the customer, surnamed Teng, complained about the restaurant's hygiene and customer service in a community Facebook page.

"It is not half, but a fully intact, perfect (cockroach).

"I intended to try out this restaurant that had opened two weeks ago, but I encountered an unexpected guest," Teng wrote.

He said his daughter almost bit into the cockroach, and shared a photo of the toast with the pesky bug pressed into its crust.

At the time of writing, Teng's post garnered over 700 shares on Facebook and 650 comments. Many netizens were horrified by his experience, while others shared their negative experiences at the restaurant.

In response, Qhouse Malaysia issued an apology and assured the public that it would take all negative feedback seriously to improve its service

The restaurant chain pinned the blame on its supplier, stating, "This incident was due to quality control oversight of the supplier, which resulted in customers having a very unpleasant dining experience.

"The restaurant has strict quality control standards for each supplier.

"After this incident, we immediately stopped the bread supplier and are currently investigating the incident. (We have) also filed a complaint and are conducting an audit of the bread supplier," Qhouse Malaysia said.

It added that several employees involved in the incident have also been "severely punished and terminated", citing that they failed to double-check the ingredients before serving the food to the customer.

"(Our failure) resulted in the customer having a very negative dining experience. This is entirely due to our negligence and fault. Once again, we sincerely want to express that our apologies," Qhouse Malaysia lamented.

In the comments section of Qhouse Malaysia's apology post, some Facebook users praised the restaurant for taking responsibility and prompt actions to address the issue.

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