S'pore Flight Forced To Delay Landing After Unruly Passengers Refuse To Fasten Seatbelts

The Changi Airport auxiliary police escorted the culprits out of the aircraft when the plane finally landed at the airport.

Cover image via @audikhalid (TikTok)

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When flying on an airplane, there are protocols passengers must follow before, during, and after the flight in order to ensure the safety of themselves and the flight crew

Unfortunately, there were a number of passengers on a Scoot airplane who recently refused to fasten their seatbelts during landing, causing the pilot to delay arrival at the airport.

Captured on a TikTok video posted by @audikhalid, Scoot flight TR285 was travelling from Bali to Changi Airport, Singapore on Monday, 14 November.

As the plane reached its destination, passengers were directed to fasten their seatbelts to prepare for landing.

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Image via Aviation Nepal

However, it seemed like there were a select few who refused to heed the instructions given to them

Due to the unruly passengers' refusal to obey the landing procedures, the pilot of flight TR285 began to make an announcement, informing all passengers that he will not be landing the plane. 

He said that he was going discontinue the approach to Changi Airport and circle the airplane around to attempt landing again. If everyone had not fastened their seatbelts by the time a second approach was attempted, he would be reporting the incident to the Changi Airport auxiliary police.

"We are legally unable to land an aircraft if the cabin isn't secured... If we have to miss a second approach for the same reason, the airport police will be involved and they will take the necessary action," the pilot reminded the cabin through the intercom speakers.

As the pilot made the announcement, someone in the background could be heard clapping in agreement.

Pilot making an announcement that action would be taken if passengers did not fasten their seatbelts for landing.

Image via @audikhalid (TikTok)

The video soon cut to show the airplane finally landing safely at Changi Airport

As the plane pulled into the airport, another announcement was made informing passengers that local authorities have been summoned and would be coming onboard the aircraft.

True to their word, an auxiliary police team was dispatched to the aircraft cabin and were quickly pointed to the passengers who interfered with the aircraft's landing process.

The culprits were soon escorted out of the plane with the police taking them aside at the airport for questioning.

Due to the incident, passengers on the flight had to disembark 30 minutes behind schedule.

According to Today, Scoot Airlines has said that they will take appropriate action against any passenger who poses a risk to the safety of its customers and employees. "The well-being of our customers and staff is our priority and we do not condone behaviour that compromises flight safety," the company said.

"Scoot sincerely apologises for the disruptions and inconveniences to our customers."

Cabin crew pointing out the unruly passengers to the auxiliary police.

Image via @audikhalid (TikTok)

Auxiliary police questioning the passengers that refused to fasten their seatbelts during landing.

Image via @audikhalid (TikTok)

You can watch how the whole incident unfolded below:


what happens when you dont fasten your seatbelt

original sound - Audi Khalid

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