S'porean Youths Apologise For Drinking Juices Off Grocery Shelf To "Spread Wuhan"

The grocery store operator has since urged netizens to stop sharing the video to avoid further public distress.

Cover image via Hajjah Intan Mohd Yusof/Facebook

Amidst the Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19) outbreak, a video showing a Singaporean youth drinking juices straight off a grocery shelf has sparked outrage online

In the 26-second-long video, an unidentified person behind the camera was heard asking a youth how to know if a drink tastes good, to which the latter replied, "Try lah."

The guy then took a sip from a bottle of juice and said it was too sour. He then put the opened bottle back on the shelf before proceeding to try another bottle of juice.

"How to spread Wuhan" was written on the video.

The video eventually found its way to Twitter, where netizens slammed the youths for their actions

The novel coronavirus, which is caused by a virus called 2019-nCoV, can be transmitted through the exposure of infected respiratory droplets, which explains why the youth's actions have caused public distress over the Internet.

According to The Star, the video was uploaded to Twitter on 6 February and it also caught the attention of the person allegedly filmed the video.

In the Twitter thread, the alleged cameraperson explained that the stunt was just a prank.

"I already posted on my (Instagram) Story that this man already paid for the drink and we were just making a joke," said the Twitter user, as reported by Singaporean online media Mothership.

"In my last story, I clearly said that. And I suppose you already saw it. So don't just use this for clout."

Despite the prankster's alleged attempt to clear the air on the issue, he and the other person involved in the video had come forward to issue a public apology

They begged for a second chance and admitted that their stunt was "not ethical and definitely wrong", reported Mothership.

"We were indeed really childish and immature. I know most of you have tweeted that we should go to jail for this and we should be punished," the apology statement read.

"We were really doing it out of stupidity and our own pleasure although I know it did not turn out as fun as it was to us. I really want to apologise to everyone affected by my video."

Meanwhile, the grocery store where the incident took place had also urged netizens to stop sharing the video to avoid any further public distress

In a statement posted on Facebook, NTUC FairPrice said they regard this matter very seriously and that they are cooperating with the authorities to ensure necessary actions are taken.

A video of a customer consuming beverages and placing them back on our shelves is being circulated on social media. We...

Posted by NTUC FairPrice on Monday, February 10, 2020

In June last year, a similar incident took place at a convenience store in Negeri Sembilan:

The outbreak has caused panic among Singaporeans, resulting in empty inventory in grocery stores:

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