This Rare Fish Captured By A Sarawak Fisherman Could Fetch Its Owner Over RM10,000


Cover image via Sin Chew

A fisherman in Sarawak has found himself with a good catch in his nets

Image via Research Gate

Sin Chew and The Borneo Post reported that the fisherman from Sungai Katibas in Song District hooked an empurau fish weighted 21.6kg, earlier today, 25 July.

The fish was then sold to a restaurant operator in Song Bazaar

Fung (left) holds the massive catch.

Image via Sin Chew

Kapitan Fung Haw Hui said this was not the first time he bought a huge empurau. However, he added that this particular one "is a good fish judging from his good shape, scale, and colour." He did not reveal how much he bought the fish from the fisherman.

Fung intends to sell the fish between RM400 and RM500 per kilo outside Song District.

"I plan to sell it outside Song. There are buyers out there – in Kuching, Kuching or even Kuala Lumpur," he said as quoted by The Borneo Post.

Fung estimates that he would make about RM10,800 for the fish if he sells it at RM500 per kilo.

So, what makes the empurau fish so special? And expensive?

Image via Borneo Dihati

The fish has an acquired pallet for fruits which gives its flesh a rich, delicate taste.

They are also difficult to find. Wild empurau are indigenous to Sarawak, Borneo, and are only found in the wild rivers. Only a few stretches of those rivers are home to the right fruit trees along the banks.

Image via Facebook

They grow slowly as well, taking up to three years before it is considered marketable. 

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